Fashion Academy – Accademia New Style

Fashion is... art, passion, is... innovation and tradition

It assumes a determining role into the modern society, it is an economic and cultural but also social and artistic phenomenon.
The education in the world of fashion is essential for those who want to work into this industry, it is the key to understand a new language, this modernity must be reflected into the study schemes that need to include:

  • Social disciplines (fashion marketing, psychology of clothing, history of fashion)
  • Fashion designer expression (anatomy, chromatology, illustration, experimentation of projects, innovative materials research)

The Academy aspires to the development of the young designer through a steady personalized work, supplying all the main instruments and the necessary inputs so that the creative artist succeeds to learn the international language of fashion and find his professional scope employing the techniques of strategy analysis.

The courses want to mold a professional designer ready to interact with the actual marketplace of the textile/clothing sector; a multi-purpose professional figure able to comply with the requirements of the fashion industry, but also interact with new scenarios of the technology applied to the fashion system.

The Accademia New Style courses are:

  • Annual courses:
    • Custom tailoring
    • Fashion designer
    • Industrial designer
    • Garment maker


  • Individual and personalized courses:
    • Short courses
    • Custom tailoring
    • English for fashion
    • Fashion marketing
    • Fashion-plate
    • Illustration
    • Textile designer


  • Postgraduate courses:
    • Shoes and accessories design
    • Modeling posture - elocution lessons
    • Custome (theatre – cinema)
    • Fashion stylist
    • Fashion illustrator
    • Personal shopper
    • Textile designer

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